Resolving Eviction Threats and Other Legal Problems Between Commercial Landlords and Tenants

Owners of small businesses leasing properties for offices, restaurants, beauty salons and retail shops in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties sometimes find themselves in conflict with their commercial landlords and in need of legal advice. The same is true of property owners who lease out land and buildings to commercial tenants.

After more than 20 years of service to clients throughout the region, the Law Office of Bradley D. Schnur, Esq. P.C., is a trusted source of guidance and advocacy for commercial tenants as well as landlords.

Negotiations, Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Our first order of business for commercial tenants or landlords is to understand clients’ objectives. Then we work closely with our clients to devise the most cost-effective path to resolution. The cases we bring or defend on their behalf may involve:

  • Enforcement or challenges to tenants’ rights
  • Enforcement or challenges involving commercial eviction or foreclosure proceedings
  • Enforcement or challenges to disputes over property usage, security deposits and more

Sometimes a business tenant’s goal is to continue doing business where they are despite a landlord’s attempts to force them to leave. In such cases, our team led by attorney Bradley D. Schnur, may negotiate lease modifications, cessation of eviction attempts and other solutions.

Some disputes escalate and evolve to include costly, high-stakes litigation. Working with a trial lawyer from the beginning, even when litigation is not yet anticipated, offers commercial tenants and landlords alike the ability to pivot toward trial preparation seamlessly if necessary.

We Represent Clients on Either Side of a Commercial Lease Dispute

We work with both tenants and landlords in cases involving:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Holdover (refusing to vacate)
  • Post-judgment orders to show cause
  • Petitions to vacate default evictions
  • Applications to stay evictions
  • Petitions to restore tenants to possession

Our clients also include hotels and motels and their occupants when hospitality guests become tenants in legal terms by renting hotel and motel rooms for 30 days without checking out.

Other areas of concern that we handle encompass residential and commercial real estate transactions, including commercial leases, sales and closings.

Request a Case Analysis

To determine the best way forward in any commercial landlord-tenant dispute or other circumstances, call our office in Jericho, New York at 844-864-4200 or reach out to us online.