Defense of Consumers Facing Medical Debt Collection Court Actions

As a law firm serving both debtors and creditors in debt collection scenarios, the Law Office of Bradley D. Schnur, Esq. P.C., in Jericho, New York, offers the skilled advocacy that consumers need after being sued over outstanding medical debt. Thanks to our experience on both sides of the debt collection equation, we can clearly explain to clients all legal processes and options in front of them.

Clients in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County and Westchester County rely on our determined pursuit of the solutions they need to overcome legal actions against them, including lawsuits, and pending court actions, such as wage garnishment and bank account levies.

When Medical Problems Become Financial and Legal Crises

Our clients facing medical debt collection actions include both patients and family members taking responsibility for patients who have grappled with long-term illnesses and chronic conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, debilitating disabilities caused by catastrophic injuries and other critical medical needs.

Once an individual or a family has fallen seriously behind on medical bills, the situation can soon go from bad to worse. Fortunately for our clients who have been sued, we have strategies ready to apply to even difficult cases.

Ways We Can Help

The first and most important step to take is to seek legal counsel as soon as you recognize the trouble you are facing. Waiting to see what happens after receiving a court summons is not the right approach. If you have been sued or face threats of a lawsuit about to happen, experienced trial lawyer Bradley D. Schnur can help you to explore your legal options, including:

  • Challenging the debt
  • Disputing errors with credit bureaus and petitioning to have debts removed
  • Renegotiating medical bills
  • Exhausting all legal avenues to retain access to medical services while your defense is pending

The court action that you face now requires an aggressive defense. Our defense on your behalf will include a close examination of the merits of the collections lawsuit that you face as well as the medical debt itself.

Perhaps you did not know about a lawsuit that resulted in a default judgment against you. We may be able to prove to your opponents that you are not properly notified of an earlier case.

Your lawsuit may not have been brought by a doctor, hospital or medical professional but rather by a debt collection company. We may discover there was an improper assignment of the debt to the bill collector.

We are ready to pursue all angles while searching for an appropriate path to resolution to your medical debt problem. including settlement.

Get an Aggressive Defense Strategy Underway

Attorney Bradley D. Schur is a formidable trial lawyer. Drawing on more than two decades of experience, we offer trial and dispute resolution services that have proven to be effective for consumers being sued for a wide range of medical debt circumstances.

For an evaluation appropriate to the urgency of your situation, call 844-864-4200 or email us.