Debt Defense Attorney for Consumers Facing Credit Card Debt Lawsuits

It is important to take action when bill collectors are constantly pursuing payment to resolve an issue as early as possible. A debt collection defense lawyer can provide guidance and representation to help you resolve debt problems.

Once your credit card collections problems have progressed to litigation by debt collectors, it is vital to respond with determination and urgency to these challenges. When a lawsuit has been filed, however, there may be room for negotiations or alternative approaches. In any case, you must defend yourself against the lawsuit. Experienced litigator Bradley D. Schnur can evaluate your legal situation and determine the most promising, least risky way forward.

To protect yourself from serious legal and financial trouble, you must act decisively. The Law Office of Bradley D. Schnur, Esq. P.C., in Jericho, New York, is a proven source of the skilled and swift representation that you need at this time.

Our firm provides full-service advocacy for debt collectors as well as debtors throughout Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Westchester counties. As a result, our knowledge of the debt collection side of litigation is often useful for our clients who require innovative defense strategies. We can anticipate your legal opponents’ next moves and advise you accordingly.

Our Forte: Results

At the Law Office of Bradley D. Schnur, Esq. P.C., we skillfully and effectively defend consumers in debt-collection lawsuits. In some cases, we discover that default judgments were entered over lawsuits about which consumers were unaware. Collection agencies who have purchased debt from the originating lender or credit card company are often those bringing suit, and assignment of the original debt may be an issue.

While many of our clients need to take action in response to credit card debt collection lawsuits, others face legal action having to do with litigation over personal loans. Our knowledge base encompasses all types and sizes of debts

Turn to an Experienced Lawyer When You Have Been Sued Over Credit Card Debt, Medical Debt, Business Debt or Personal Loans

Our attorney is experienced and determined to find the right way forward for every client’s unique situation. A detailed review of your debt history and the legal challenge against you is the first step. We are ready to guide you through this process.

To request a consultation and a preliminary case analysis regarding your debt collection lawsuit triggered by credit card debt, call 844-864-4200 or send an email inquiry.