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3 tips for purchasing a preforeclosure home

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Real Estate |

People looking for a good deal on a property may consider buying a pre-foreclosure home.

Although housing prices have dropped for the first time in years, a home in pre-foreclosure typically means getting at below market price. Prior to offering a deal, the following steps may help ease the process.

1. Verify the type of foreclosure

Once a house goes through the complex foreclosure process, it typically gets auctioned off by the lender. At that time, people can expect to pay the full market price. Pre-foreclosure means that the foreclosure process has legally started due to missed mortgage payments. Typically, the current owner has enough equity to pay off the existing mortgage after the sale.

2. Remember the owner has options

While in the pre-foreclosure stage, homeowners may still try to remedy their situation. Even if a potential buyer finds the home a perfect option, that does not mean the current owners want to sell. Delays during the foreclosure process may provide time for them to remodify their loans or enter into a forbearance plan.

3. Prepare in advance

Before starting the search to buy any type of property, preparation remains key. Many properties still sell fast, which makes it imperative to have a bank’s preapproval. This not only ensures buyers know their budget but also lets sellers know the seriousness of the offer and the ability to make it.

Many times a pre-foreclosure home means getting an as-is property. Along with having financial preparedness, potential buyers need to prepare for potential renovations.