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Can you be sued for your credit card debt?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Debt Collection |

Many people have trouble paying their credit card debts, especially in the current challenging financial times. While an occasional missed credit card payment might lower your credit score or raise your interest rates, not many people realize missing several payments in a row can result in your credit card company suing you.

If you receive a court summons in the mail, ignoring it may be tempting but it is never a good idea. Here is information you may not know about credit card debt collections.

Can you go to jail for your credit card debt?

You cannot receive a jail sentence for credit card debt. If a debt collector implies that you might end up in jail, they are breaking the law.

How often do debt collectors issues a court summons?

Generally, debt collectors don’t issue a court summons unless there have been other attempts to collect the debt. Legal action is the last step in the debt collection timeline, not the first.

Can your credit card debt result in your going to court?

It is possible that your credit card debt could end up in a court case. However, there are ways to resolve your debt before your case gets that far. If you have good faith that the debt is yours, consider settling your debt instead of going to court. Many debt collectors are happy to negotiate a debt settlement plan.

If you receive a court summons from your credit card company over delinquent payments, you may be able to resolve it out of court. Request a payment plan to resolve the issues instead.